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6 years ago

Chrome not supported.

 A lot of important features on this (awful) website are not supported in Chrome.  Including Live Chat (no chat button on support pages) and My Profile (always generates an error in Chrome).  How is this acceptable when Chrome is the most used browser in the world?

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  • i've been able to use chat.  but you're right. (see my "aw, snap" post!) my biggest beef is that i cannot access my profile to manage our account in chrome. i have to switch to IE....and it apparently has to be IE 11 at that. 

    and, wider mouth, last time i called they tried REALLY hard to put me (without my knowledge) to that pay for help deal "probably because my browser wasn't up to date."  i checked after i got off the phone.  there were no updates available!

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      chrome works for me on the account profile page  Version 71.0.3578.98 (Official Build) (64-bit) chrome version