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5 months ago

Charges on New Build Homes

Curious how I can resolve issues my community is having on internet issues. We have houses that have panels with internet and fiber services prewired prior to move in. Whoever installed these prior to us living there didnt apply an update, resulting in me having to make a service call. I didnt have the ability to self serve and now they wanna charge me $100 to have someone come fix their own mistake that i had no control over. 

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  • I'm not sure who installed these panels for certain but normally this is done by the builder of the home and often, they simply just don't work.  Unfortunately, that leave you as the home owner, responsible for figuring it out.  I can say with certainty that Cox does not install any such panels/equipment in homes so it would be natural for there to be a charge to come out and figure it all out.

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      I appreciate your response, and I’m sure that this is the case and other new build communities. However, I have personally seen a Cox employee with a Cox truck installing the modems in the other homes in my neighborhood. The Cox employee who came to my house to fix the issue was only here for about five minutes and said it was a problem that could not be resolved on our end and was a Cox issue. I would understand a $15 service fee or something to that effect but $100 is a bit much.

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        Hello, I am very sorry you have not had the best experience with Cox. I understand how important communication and reliable service is. We value your business, and I would be happy to help. Please email us your “full” name, “complete” address, and a copy of your post at for further assistance. Thank you!

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    As other's have stated, Cox doesn't install equipment in new homes being built. At the most, they pull service up to the home, but are unable to install internal of the home, as they won't know what equipment you will be using, and where you want it. Additionally, (FYI), if you have a "SMART BOX", it is in fact the WORST idea ever invented by any builder. Putting your router in a smartbox, an area surrounded by wires, (Think faraday cage), and will cause drop outs reduced range and all kind of issues. 

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    Also when builder add those rewired areas they rarely.centrally locate the equipment box/closet/area for maximizing coverage. Even sometimes locating them next to a thick wall or the worst in one of those metal boxes that was said above. 

    And who knows if they tested the rewiring for contunity or bad terminations on jacks. Can always add on the $10 plan that cover all inside wiring anytime you call for a Cox technician then remove it if not used as soon as the appointment is over or the next day. You will only be charged for when you had coverage. And Cox has no wait time before the plan goes into effect (phone companies tend to have an eight day wait for thier inside wire plans to go into effect. 

    I have added and can led that plan manyany times and no Cox representative has ever had any issues with this practice. It only costs 33 cents a day or so. 

  • It should probably be clarified that Cox Complete Care doesn't cover pre-installed Ethernet in the home.