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2 years ago

Changes to Webmail

I use Cox's Webmail to access my email accounts when I don't have access to my computer which has my mail program on it. Recently, I noticed that there's now an ad banner on top of the menu. Why did you put this there, Cox? Isn't an ad banner on the right-side of the page enough? Why are the ad banners even there? We pay for your Internet. We shouldn't have to see any ads. Then, if I want to check another account, it used to be that I could just log out and be taken back to the login page. Now, I see a different ad and have to click "Back to sign in". Why is Cox doing this? I want the old site back! It was so much cleaner and worked better.

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    Same thing here.  Very annoying.  Every time I send an email, a full page ad comes up as well as the ones you're mentioning.  I called and they told me that they were "working on the website", and that's why it's happening and that it is not permanant.  But that was over 2 weeks ago.  I call bull