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5 years ago

Change to Email sign-in page recently shows different cox address?

Just went to check my email and the sign-in page is different. The Cox address at the top is different than it has been. Does anyone notice the same problem? Just making sure my account hasn't been hacked!! This is a change since Saturday evening!

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  • This is likely related to maintenance that we performed on our email platform recently. Just to confirm, what is the web address/URL that you are seeing?

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    Wow! Today when I try accessing my email on desktop or mobile device, I get a splash screen that says 'Welcome to CCI-RES, R!' And asks for a password. I have not done that. --- Also the web address is now:

    Is this legit? Are we infected? (But multiple scanners show nothing.)

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      Russ, this is the link to use for accessing your Cox email account: If you are using shortcuts update or delete them. You may also access your email account by logging in our main web site:

      Thank you,

      Mike J.
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