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Is COX using CGNAT? port forwarding is NOT working. Cox passes the standard CGNAT test .WAN IP matches IP on so whats the issue? My relay setup relies on port forwarding. Im new to cox and spent some time trying to reconfigure the port finally using just 9001. (virtual box/ Debian setup) COX's port forwarding tab under the app has virtually no options except to select device. Its built for a kid..any suggestions besides finding another ISP? 

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  • Hello. Given the customization you are attempting to accomplish, it may be best to utilize your own purchased router or WiFi modem, or enable Bridge mode on the Gateway and use your router. You do not have to rent a Cox Panoramic Gateway, and a list of approved modems and WiFi modems are here If you choose to utilize your own modem that's among the list on, then you can return the Gateway to a Cox retail store. The Gateway can be placed in bridge mode if you have a router you would rather utilize for customization.