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5 years ago

Can't receive email

I haven't received any new emails for almost 24 hours, either on my phone or on the website.  When I go in on the website and try to delete emails, I start getting the following message:  "Error. The connection to remote server was refused or timed out while attempting to connect.  Please try again later."  The error message pops up about every couple minutes.  I've deleted approximately 200 emails and it still shows I'm at 100% capacity (it won't show how many emails I have either).

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  • Hello Jnet57,

    We'll need to look into your issue with the error you're getting. How long have you been seeing this error and does the error pop up on multiple emails you have, or only on one? I understand when you're not getting the error, you're seeing 100% capacity even after deleting 200 emails. It sounds like you may have reached the max mail quota and will not get new emails until you delete enough emails to clear up enough space for new ones to start getting into the inbox.

    Cox Forum Support Moderator