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5 years ago

Can't connect to any server that uses Cloudflare

For the past few days I haven't been able to connect to just about any website that is behind Cloudflare. This includes their own services like their website and DNS as well as other sites that rely on them, like Discord, 9gag and the Steam store. Pinging them doesn't work at all. Traceroute shows the same issue for all of them, where the connection gets dropped when it leaves Cox's network.

Tracing route to []
over a maximum of 30 hops:

  1    <1 ms    <1 ms    <1 ms
  2     8 ms     7 ms     7 ms
  3     8 ms     9 ms     9 ms
  4    18 ms     8 ms     9 ms
  5     *        *        *     Request timed out.
  6     *        *        *     Request timed out.
  7     *        *        *     Request timed out.
  8     *        *        *     Request timed out.
  9     *        *        *     Request timed out.
 10     *        *        *     Request timed out.

This issue only happens when connecting to sites over IPv4, sites that uses IPv6 are unaffected (alas, most sites don't use IPv6). I've occasionally been able to get it to work at random by fiddling with my router settings, but then I'll change something else and it will stop working, even if I change the settings back to what they were.

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    Hi PolarManne, we apologize for the DNS issues. Cox is aware of the issue and we are working to have this resolved as quickly as possible. -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator
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      Any updates on the situation?  

      This is currently affecting me in the Hampton Roads area.  

      Thank You

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    sounds like it's only trying to protect you by limiting sites you visit.