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21 days ago

cannot send email from Mac mail after transition to Yahoo

I did ,after following the instructions from the Reddit contributor, successfully migrate to Yahoo. I have no problem sending or receiving on my iPhone or iPad, but can only receive with Mac Mail. I did notice that when it fails to send and I get the settings screen from Connection manager, the STMP password was changed from the Yahoo App generated password that I had inputted to a shorter one (? old Cox password or Yahoo password). I can send the message out if I change to try with selected server -Google. I have tried both 465 and 587 ports.

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  • If you are unable to send using but it does work with the gmail outgoing server, you might want to ensure the username is using the 

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      It is. I sent some test emails yesterday and they went through but looked like they were sent from the old cox account not the new account. 

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        I understand. If you've set all of the servers correct and the account has migrated, then at this point is processing the mail entirely. I wish I had more to offer. You can contact Yahoo at 866 562 7250. I hope this helps and thank you for your patience.