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4 years ago

Can not get on the internet with my Amazon Fire HD Plus Tablet.

On Dec 12, I canceled my cable with cox but kept my internet services, All of my devices worked well until I canceled my cable (even the Amazon Fiire HD Plus). After canceling my cable, the Fire tablet could no longer get on line. It will get on the network, but not the internet!

When I returned my equipment on the followig Monday (12/14/20) I took my Tablet with me thinking I might get some Tech help.

I was an Hour Early (9:00 AM) and noticed that Best Buys was already open. Using My Fire Tablet I logged on to their guest site, Eureka! I was on the internet! The cox store did not give me any help (Millerville location).

The following week I visited my son in Ruston, LA and stayed in a Holiday Inn. I took my Fire Table with me and was able to get on the internet at my son's home and at the Holiday Inn with the Fire Tablet, only at my home using cox internet am I not able to get on the Internet with my fire tablet. I keep getting Good excellent signal for netwok! (no internet).

I dug out an old Kindle that I used many years ago to read books and guess what, I was able to get on the internet with the old Kindle.

I can only assume that Cox does not support the AWS browser that Amazon Fire uses on the Fire Tablet or there is a problem with my internet connection. I realize my son, Best Buy and the Holiday Inn use different browsers and internet services. 

I contacted cox tech service by phone and all they wanted me to do was buy an internet service contract or have a technician come to my home for a fee!

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    have you reset the Fire Tablet  and are the Fire Tablet and Kindle on the same wifi network  

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    does your new configuration provide internet service to any other devices....(not your neighbors un-encrypted wifi)?

    this from cox:

    Is wifi included with Cox Internet?

    To use your Cox Internet package as wifi, you will need to add our Panoramic Wifi gateway or provide your own wifi router. Learn more about Panoramic Wifi and how it can help you get wall-to-wall, whole home wifi coverage.

    so you thought you'd get some no-limit internet access by dropping cable!!