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3 years ago

Can anyone make a suggestion to protect my computer from a persistent hacker? I do have a good anti virus and malware services and my Mac firewall is on

There is this lunatic coming into my computer (I had an email account used in a social network and it seems that the programmer and CEO of this network is a lunatic hacking patrons' computers. Yes I close the account, but I still experience someone taking over my mouse, removing before my eyes, a document htat I am working on in Word and moving it to the trash and I just heard that noise and can't open because it is in the trash, try to open the trash and I can't...have to call Apple tech support... What a nightmare..I heard that a physical firewall can be helpful, but I have no idea how to install it. Any and every opinion is appreciated (perhaps I should change my IP number not with a VPN though bc my research ch tells me that they cause more problems than they solve, most just pumping adds to your computer without protecting it in any way

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  • Hello Manuel. I realize that security concerns can be frustrating and we do have a service just for these types of concerns. Our Cox Complete Care can assist with virus, malware, and network setup, configuration, and security. You can find more information about the service here: -Allan, Cox Support Forums Moderator.