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6 years ago

Bundle package frustration with internet

I'm a new customer with Cox and the technician came out yesterday to install TV/phone/internet.  The TV and phone installation was fine but internet was a different story.

When a potential customer builds a bundle package online, Cox FAILS to mention that the modem included DOES NOT support 300Mbps.  They force you to purchase a new modem that supports 300Mbps or upgrade to the PanoWIFI which is horrible.   I reside in a 3 level TH and the modem was installed at the main level.  I ran a speed test and got 300Mbps.  I ran the same test from top floor, wifi signal drops 50% and my internet speed reduces to less than 50Mbps.  I tried the basement level, Wifi dropped completely.

The issue I have is:

1) Cox should inform new customers that the modem included in the package DOES NOT support 300Mbps.  This is probably Cox's way of forcing customers to upgrade to the horrible PanoWifi.

2) the previous home owner left the original Cisco modem from Cox which supported 300Mbps.  I tried to have support provision this modem.  They claim it is no longer an option.  What kind of BS is this?  It worked before from the previous owner but doesn't work for me b/c I'm a new customer?  This is a complete SCAM!

I just wish VZ would service my area but unfortunately I'm stuck with Cox.   I hope this gets out to all new customers b/c it is completely unfair not to inform new customers of this bogus policy forcing new customers to upgrade to PanoWifi (which is horrible).

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    I ran a speed test and got 300Mbps.
    the modem included in the package DOES NOT support 300Mbps. 

    Both cannot be true.

    What you're really asking Cox to do is divine from your online bundle building that you have a 3 story home and would like to have the full 300Mbps available through Wi-Fi in every square inch of that 3 stories from just a single modem/gateway regardless of the Wi-Fi capabilities of the adapters in the devices you're connecting with.

    That's just an unrealistic expectation.

    I suspect in the fine print there was the standard dodge, "The 300Mbps is based on you having the very best equipment money can buy and even if you do cannot be guaranteed by Cox anyway. No way, no how."

    I also suspect the bundle you built specified a modem was included and you asked to insert a customer owned modem into the bundle and that was the option that was not an option. Nothing to do with the modem not being able to be provisioned.

    You have, I think, a 30 day, "I changed my mind"  window. Use it. Don't build a bundle online. You'll get pigeon holed into something that's not quite what you want. Call them, or better yet, if possible, go in person to one of their storefronts and tell them what exactly what you need and expect. You'll still get a bundle discount. Probably better than their online offering.

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      Problem resolved - Purchased Netgear CM600.  Prior to purchasing the Netgear, I was getting around 300Mbps in the living room near the Cox PanoWifi.  As for the Cisco modem that was supposed to be included w /the Ulitmate, 3 tech's told me it cant be supported b/c they will not provision this modem forcing customers to upgrade to the Pano or purchase their own.   I even went to the Cox store and they told me the exact same thing.  This is 4 different sources from Cox confirming this.  I know it's possible of receiving 300Mbps download speed b/c the previous home owner was getting that speed.  He was grandfathered in before Cox change this policy.

  • S4JJK, Customers are not required to subscribe to Panoramic Wifi, but this option is good for customers whose home is large and might need one or more wifi extenders to get the signal coverage they want without needing to set it up themselves or worry about support. We have multiple modems certified for Ultimate speeds. You can view our list of certified modems at -ColleenD Cox Support Forums Moderator