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2 years ago

Boring lines through neighborhoods

Our sewer backed up and a plumber came out and ran a camera down the sewer line and said that our sewer line had been decimated/shattered.  Okie Dig came out and marked all the utility lines.  It appears that Cox ran a cable right through our sewer line.  I called and was told the soonest someone could be out to look at it is in FOUR DAYS.  I don't understand how utility companies can use directional boring right through someone's property with complete disregard for existing sewer lines, etc.  I am not allowed to dig without first calling Okie Dig to have all the lines marked.  This is a complete disregard for a person's property and should not be allowed.  Meanwhile, I can't flush my toilets--what am I supposed to do for the next four days?!?!