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4 years ago

Bogus Service Installation Charge

I have called Cox on Mar 19 2021 and requested for new service installation. I already having an old connection in my home but requested for the new dedicated connection this time.

First, I have asked the agent about the modem and installation process then he mentioned we will ship you the equipment and give you a call support for the installation, I said okay. But again after sometime he mentioned that it seems like shipping option is not possible. Technician has to come and has to do the installation because cable  has to be run from outside of your building and has to setup some wiring and then he will setup modem. So, finally it's going to be a special installation and we will charge $100 one-time fee for this process. I said okay.

Technician came to my door on Mar 21 2021 and just plugged-in the modem and gave me the Wi-Fi creds.

I have wondered and told him that as per earlier discussion with the Cox agent he mentioned me, it's going to be a special installation, we have to run extra cable, this and that etc… then technician replied all that process is not required. You already having old connection so, required only the modem setup.

I have immediately called to the Cox support team and mentioned all these things. They tried to convinced me but I hadn't and strongly said them that the process what has taken place here is just a normal installation but agent told me that it’s a special installation. This is nothing but deceiving/misguiding by giving a false information. So, asked them a resolution for this issue?

After 15 mins, they again transferred to the billing department. Again, I gave briefing about the whole issue and asked for the resolution. They simply mentioned the fee is not refundable even though the mistake is happened from the Cox agent side.

I said, what you are speaking? You clearly accepting mistake is happened from your end but not ready to provide a resolution. What kind of service is this?  Again they mentioned, we are sorry for the trouble that we have caused but can't give you the refund because tech came to your door.

Finally, I said, why tech person has come to my door in first place? because of your false information only! Fedup and told them that please think about your moral values. If you want money ask from the customers or open the donation centers!

I have never expected this kind of worst behavior from the renowned Cox company. Planning to remove both of the connections by shifting to the other service asap.

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    Anil Kota

    I apologize for the misinformation. The purpose of the Cox Internet Forum is to allow customers to discuss technical topics related to residential Cox High-Speed Internet services with other customers. If you need help with billing or other account-specific issues, please reach us on Twitter at @CoxHelp, visit us on Facebook, or at

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    I already having an old connection in my home but requested for the new dedicated connection this time.

    This statement is your problem.  I'm sure the rep didn't understand what you meant by "old connection" so a qualified tech needed to assess your connection.  A tech can check your connection at a couple outside locations and you may not have noticed.

    You could upload an image from your Modem log for us to opine.