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11 months ago


I have been a cox customer 25+ years. My bill just went up 42.00

When I called 3 times. I was hung up once the other two times I called and spoke with rude ladies in Mexico City who both gave me different information on how they could help me. One told me if I did not like what she offered me she was going to hang up the call.  

I have been trying to reach a supervisor, but mexico city people say they cannot transfer me. I even tried two times to reach my local cox store and left two messages today with no response.

If you wish to keep my business please have someone with authority in the USA call me.

Ready to leave your TV service.

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    You may have had a promotion discount that expired.  Contact Cox and ask for Loyalty/Retention.  

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    You probably had a promotion that has expired, past it's 1 or 2 year time period. Call and speak to sales, or retention. Talking to billing won't help.