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2 years ago

Billing Issue

 I paid my bill On the Cox web page as I usually do and see that it came out of my bank account then get an email from Cox saying payment rejected. Does not make sense since. I am waiting a few days to see if the payment goes back in my bank account before attempting to resubmit payment. Anyone else have anything similar happen?

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  • Yep, same thing happened to me today.

    Waited on hold to talk to someone, got transferred twice to other people, they said it was a glitch and the collections dept could mark my account paid. Collections dept hung up on me.

    So I chatted with someone for 45 minutes. Sent 3 screenshots showing my payment (they could never receive any of them). Finally after all that time they said try back in a couple hours.

    called again, got through to someone who said they have no record of payment. I'm not wasting any time on this for the rest of the day, will see if they update it tomorrow or something.

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    What reason did the email from Cox give for rejecting your payment?  Did you contact Cox Billing?

    What email address was the Cox email from?

  • Same EXACT thing happened to me in today a few hours after paying my bill. Ughhh called but of course they are closed 

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    I saw this on Reddit:

    "We are having issues with easy-pay unenrolling customers and sending a message of payments declining even though the customer is seeing the charge on their bank accounts. You need to contact billing to get your Easy Pay re-enrolled"

    Possibly related?

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    same here but my navy federal account says the money has been taken out. this must be a mistake.

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      FYI, my account is showing the payment correctly and a zero balance this morning. I think it is a failure on their end that they look to be working on. I'd give it a day before spending 2 hours on the phone with them!

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        It's revealing how Cox immediately pounced on and fixed this glitch, huh?

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      This is a forum for users to assist each other with technical issues. If you have a billing issue, go to the bank, get evidence the payments went through, photocopy of the transactions, routing numbers transaction numbers, then go to the local Cox solution store provide the evidence, they can forward it to whomever needs to to take care of the issue. Kvetching here does nothing.