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5 years ago

Barely 5 Mbps Uploads

I've been going on and off with chat, with several agents and getting absolutely nowhere.

They've reset my modem and I've done it myself several times, checked ports, turned off all firewalls, connected directly to my modem and eventually even upgrade my modem, but every single night, between 8 PM until around 12 PM, my upload speed is either 0.05 Mbps or a flat 5.0 Mbps.

My plan advertises 300/30 and I am indeed getting 290-300 download but almost never get 20-30 uploads.

During the very first month of this plan, it stayed at 20-30 Mbps with uploads, but after the first two weeks, it began to chip down until it reached where I am at.

Any advise on what else I can do?

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    Hello Tash,

    Thank you for contacting Cox Social Media. I truly apologize that the services are not working properly. The modem is showing packet loss which can be causing the issue. We can have a tech investigate. Please send an email with this forum link, your full name, and address to We will reply back once we receive the email. Thanks -Karen
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      I sent out an email response. Since I began this thread, the issue has re-occurred at least 4 times; often times saying there is an outage in my area. Keep in mind this has been happening since Nov of last year; I had 0 issues prior to that month.

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        Thank you for letting us know. To continue with our troubleshooting process, we recommend that you reach out through email to set up the service visit.

        Cox Support Forums Moderator
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    Same here as I also pay for the 300/30. Download speeds are great but upload is always lacking. This has been going on at my address for about 2 years...

    I've replaced my router, Ethernet cables, modem, NIC on my PC, etc... as well as trying multiple different devices.. I've had over 10 tech visits to the house to replace everything from the line at my road to my house and in to my modem. I still get constant upload speed drops to about .6-4.5 Mbps and have sent countless pathping and tracert results to Cox Tech Support showing severe packet loss. I've even had Arris (Modem company) look at my modem signals and say everything is fine with the modem and the ISP is to blame. They won't do anything about it...

    Their answer has been to send another tech to my house repeatedly, tell me everything looks fine, and leave. They reset my modem over live chat and it does nothing. They basically say "everything is fine, continue paying over $100/month for speeds you don't get and we will not be fixing the problem." 

    Don't expect much from these people if you have done similar steps. As soon as AT&T fiber is available at my address, I will be switching and never look back.

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      Hi Wthunt11, I have pinged your modem several times, and I am detecting some intermittent packet loss. Can you please email us at I understand it's frustrating to have multiple technicians come out to your home and we apologize for that. I believe that sending out a service technician is likely the best course of action. For additional support, please email us at; we can also be reached on Twitter and Facebook. -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator
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    Same here supposed to get 10 but I am getting 2-4

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      When running a speed test, keep in mind that many things can impact results. The list below is not all-inclusive because of the rapid evolution of technologies that continue to introduce items that can impact performance. If the test is run over WiFi, congestion of the in-home network and WiFi capabilities of the modem or router can impact the results For the most accurate results, run the speed test that is accessible at, using a hardwired connection to the modem or combination WiFi modem, and ensure that no other device is actively using the internet.

      Jonathan J
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        its just me on the internet and it is still **.