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5 years ago

ASUS CM-16 | Ultimate 500 Inquiry

I recently attempted an upgrade of my Internet Classic 300 service to Ultimate 500 and my order was placed on hold for further information. 

When I checked on the status of my order, I was informed that my modem, the ASUS CM-16 was blocked from their portal for upgrade to Ultimate 500 as it is not certified to work with that package. 

My ASUS modem has always been bonded on DOCSIS 3.1 (activity lights blue across the board, not green which denotes 3.0) and is more than capable of handling the 500 Mbps as the CM-16 is certified to 686 Mbps down and approx. 150+ Mbps upstream. 

My question is why is the ASUS CM-16 banned from Ultimate 500 service when it is capable of the speeds you supply?

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  • That is not a DOCSIS 3.1 capable modem, that is only a DOCSIS 3.0 modem. A DOCSIS 3.1 modem is required for the new ultimate package or higher (gigablast).

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      Yes, I knew it was not 3.1 despite being bonded as such. So why was it omitted from certification for 500.  Your answer is simply that it’s DOCSIS 3.1. Can I get the Full technical answer instead of the quick reply? Should my current ASUS modem be green in denoted color for down and up instead of blue then?

      Secondarily, I would upgrade to Gigablast and buy a new modem if 3.1 fully supported symmetrical up & down. You stopped doing fiber to home, so no sense in paying for Gigablast “light” until things improve for upstream.

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        no it's not bonded 3.1....probably why not certified.

        "With speeds up to 680Mbps, this high-speed cable modem delivers speed to spare whether you are streaming or gaming with no recurring monthly rental fees. The ASUS CM-16 is CableLabs ® DOCSIS 3.0 certified to work with Cable Internet Providers like Comcast XFINITY ®, Spectrum ® (Legacy Time Warner Cable ® and legacy Charter ®)"