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5 years ago

Arris TM 3402 modem only has power light; troubleshoot

Is this a modem issue or a service provider issue?

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    Hi Rollo, here's some additional information regarding this modem:

    Generally, the US/DS light would be blinking if the modem is not responding appropriately. If that light is solid, it means the modem should have internet access. To answer your question, it could technically be a signal-related issue or an issue with the equipment. Your modem is not responding at all. Can you please make sure all cables are tightly secured and free of damage? If you have a splitter, I'd recommend bypassing it for troubleshooting purposes. If another modem on the account is not having this issue on the same outlet, then it may be best to replace the TM3402. -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator