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4 years ago

Are there Penalties for canceling an Upgraded Service?

I've been a COX customer for around 20 years.
When I first looked @ upgraded services I managed to see that I could get "Internet Essential 50" for $14.50 less than what I pay for "Internet Starter 25" and this would change after the 24 months is up (when the promo ends).

I asked the online tech person if there are any penalties for canceling an upgraded service and they told me there was and to contact their quality specialists for more info.
That seems kind of a bit much is it not? To send me all around to find out what I'm actually agreeing to?

So I will ask here. If I upgrade to the above service but decide I don't want it before that promo ends, is there a penalty for doing this?

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    The runaround continues.

    What you could do is send an email to with the following:
     - URL of This Post
     - Full Name
     - Complete Address

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    certainly if you got a promotional price to upgrade!!