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5 years ago

Am I really SPAM

Why do any emails I send with my address in the To or CC line end up in my spam folder?  I don't even have spam filtering enabled.

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    I am having the same issue and Cox Tech Support - minus one person - has been of no help.  I have spoken with 12 different Cox People this week and no luck.  I am getting so sick of Cox Lack of Communications.  I cannot send an email to anyone with a email address from my outlook or phone app.  I can from my webmail.  Tech Support then says it's not them.  yeah right?  If I was to call Outlook tech support and tell them, it doesn't work on my non outlook phone app either, they would say it's a Cox issue...because it is.  Same if I was to call my cell phone company.  The one common denominator is Cox Lack of Communications.  Good Luck with your issue.  It has been extremely frustrating for me.