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5 years ago

All router settings wiped after firmware update.

Logged in to my router today and noticed a brand new interface, checked some things and found that indeed the firmware got updated overnight I guess.  This isn't what concerns me though, what's really irritating is that I had a whole slew of custom settings like reserved IPs and port forwarding for my home automation system, which all got wiped after this update.  I only noticed it after most of my smart stuff stopped working.

This is extremely unprofessional and unacceptable to be wiping customer settings like this without warning.  I will be putting this router into bridge mode and setting up my own gateway, since I obviously cannot rely on yours.  This is the first complaint in two years I've had about the service, which overall has been great, but you can't let stuff like this happen in the future with other customers.  Might as well lock the router settings page down or go back to regular old cable modems if it isn't meant to be customized.

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    It's no help now...and I hate to be that guy...but it's a good reminder to backup your settings.