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4 months ago

All five of my emails are unrecognized by Yahoo

In my family we have had five separate emails for years.  I have tried to transition all of them.  None of them are recognized by Yahoo as valid emails or usernames.  Cox representatives cannot help.  What do I do?  When the cutoff happens I will be SOOL.  Have others experienced?  Any cox personnel willing to help?



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    Same issue; the main account email ID was never used for primary daily email; three aliases (myself, wife, & daughter) are the addresses we would want to transition.  I tried transitioning my daily email address (an alias) and yahoo defaulted to my main account E-MAIL.  It knows the alias is associated with that primary email address it defaulted to.  I'm getting email at yahoo for the address I don't need.

    I can go to Cox webmail for my alias and it still works; said once you are transitioned it will automatically go to yahoo. 

    I contacted Yahoo help and was directed to creating temporary email addresses (their equivalent to aliases) but that option is no available unless you have the paid Yahoo Mail Plus.

    Cox has done a poor job dumping their long time customers utilizing their E-MAIL for their family as designed when we started with cox.


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        Hello, we understand that everyone is trying to move their email accounts as soon as possible or have concerns about the process.  You cannot go to Yahoo early and sign up to move your accounts until it's time.  If you have more than one email address, it's possible that only 1 or 2 may be moved, then to have the others follow over the next couple of days.  When time arrives to be moved.  Upon sign in on our webmail client, you will be instantly directed to the Yahoo servers at that time to finish your set up.  Afterwards, you will use their server to login for access going forward.  This link may help some with some questions they may have regarding the transition Completing the Transition to Yahoo (

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    I got an email for the email account to which my account is linked, and that email transitioned properly. The other emails associated with my account simply disappeared.

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      I appreciate your patience and thank you for reaching out to us for assistance with your email accounts. Please contact us through our toll-free number: 1-800-234-3993, or our Twitter CoxHelp, Facebook, or through our Live Online Chat:  We will need to verify your account details and cannot do so through our public forums, Please include a link to your forums message. 


      Thank you, 



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        Another week gone by, another week without email service, another week with no progress. Just "just be patient, everything will work out in the end".

  • so when will it "be time"? I am going out of town for 2 weeks, we have 5 email accounts. This is totally frustrating, hence log in name! 

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      Hi, frustratedstill 

      We do not have a schedule available for the migration.  It's likely that all your email accounts will not migrate at the same time. Email accounts are being transitioned in waves, and you will receive an email in each mailbox notifying you as each account is migrated. Once you receive the migration notification, follow the instructions in the email to complete the migration. Once migrated, you can choose to use Yahoo webmail, the Yahoo app on supported mobile devices, or configure your preferred mail client with Yahoo's provided server information to access your email. Once migrated, support for your email is available through Yahoo.  All available information has been published at