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I returned my equipment to a UPS store back on June 3rd, 2024. My son was a whiteness to me, I had a lady who helped me at this site. However, I was told my equipment was NEVER returned. I don’t have the receipt anymore since it had been some time. I tried talking to someone in the chat and they kept asking about receipts, I would tell them the same. I don’t have it anymore. I haven’t had it in a while. No one is helping me. The person I chatted too sent me a scam link. I don’t think military families should be treated like this in anyway, let alone anyone! I’m very very upset.

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    You have to keep the receipt. See if the UPS store can find the receipt in their system and reprint it. Without it, if UPS misplaced the package, (Which happens now and then), you are responsible for the cost of the equipment, unless you can show it was shipped.  I KNOW that packages, (as well as mail) gets lost, I sent a delivery confirmation package on the 20th, to a local address, and it's disappeared. If the USPS can lose a certified mail, trust me, UPS can lose a package. If you have the receipt, then THEY are responsible for the cost of the equipment. Without it.....

  • Hi Cari_dene, you may try contacting the UPS store where you left the equipment to see if they can locate any information based on the day you returned the equipment, Also, here is the UPS website information: or  Thank you,