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4 years ago

5th upstream channel?

I have an Arris SB8200 Docsis 3.1 (32x8) 

When checking my router status page, I've always seen 4 upstream channels. I was away for the weekend and now that I'm back, I just checked it and now I see 5 upstream channels.

What's this mean for me?

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      But this is out of nowhere. I've always been able to see 4 upstream channels. Now I see 5

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        Adding upstream channels happens out of nowhere. It's a good thing.

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      The more bonded channels you have the better. Nothing to worry about. At the same time consumers are not in control of how many bonded channels we get. Its a combination of your modem's capabilities and your service area's capabilities and Cox' networking decisions. We are just along for the ride on this one.