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4 years ago

25% or more packet loss

I've been a customer of Cox internet services for 20 years.

In that time my monthly charges have gone from $40/mo to $80/mo. I have never once been late paying my bill.

Speeds have increased though and for the most part I have been very satisfied until 2 months ago.

I've had several support calls and they always go through the same canned routine trying to blame the wireless or the network in my house so I know the script now and head them off at the pass before they even ask.

I finally got a tech out to the house and he said the problem is that the node is over-subscribed and until it gets fixed it won't get any better. He also said the problem is because of so many  people are working from home. To that I say BS. Yes I have been working from home for a year because of the pandemic but so have everyone else. The pandemic didn't start 2 months ago. Don't insult my intelligence.

My typical download speeds from Cox's own speed test tool are around 4mb/sec. I pay for 500mb service. 

It is literally unusable.

I've had to use the hot spot in my phone for work Zoom meetings. 

So what I would like is a response that is not canned.

What I would also like is my $80/mo for 2 months returned to me. 

In my area there are alternatives though they may be slower than what you advertise, at least it will be a consistent connection. I'm tired of this BS.