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4 years ago

22030 Fairfax, VA - we lose internet frequently

We have been losing our connection a LOT recently.  It seems to be related to bad weather....

It's getting old...It is happening quite a bit which is due to the bad weather, I assume.

I am not talking about losing wi-fi in the house, the router is losing connection.  It is intermittent and it is not down for too long but it's annoying.

This afternoon the storms are rolling in and it had been on and off. 

Solution?  IDK.  This is something that COX needs to take care of.  Infrastructure problem?  Local problem?  i don't know but I pay for this service so :D fix :D it :D

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    Hi FairfaxCoxUser,

    We checked your modem and it's reporting a high number of resets. Please ensure that all of your connections are tight and secure. If there is a splitter, please bypass to see if your connection improves.

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    I've been getting a lot of performance issues sometimes barely hitting 1Mbps upload on my gigablast in alexandria (fairfax county). Few of these slowdowns coincided with the outage notice but few didn't. At least one outage notice was posted day after i reported having service issues. This happened multiple times and after a while i just gave up and stopped reaching out to support.

    Last solution offered was that they will send a tech out for a fee (if they can't find an issue) which will more than likely happen during middle of the day when the service is running fine.