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5 years ago

$20 Activation fee = Ripoff

So just got off chat with Cox.

I currently have the ultimate internet with the 3.0 modem. I pay $99 plus modem rental of roughly $11. (I'm dumb to rent but ...)

I WAS going to upgrade to Gigablast ($99) with the newer modem 3.1 ($11) cause hey supposedly 3 times the speed for the same price right....

Plan..Set it up online via chat...go to cox....give them the 3.0 modem and get the new modem. I drive home and install a new modem myself. Make a call to activate. Easy peasy.

I forgot I was dealing with COX. 

Chat with COX....yes the same price, can get it all straight over chat so I can swap out modems....Alright great. Just pay the $20 what?

$20 for what?  the activation fee for the modem. I'm installing myself and its just a phone call to an automated number, why do I have to pay over the federal minimum wage for 3 seconds to activate? Sorry, I understand is their response. Ok then offer to waive the $20. Nope never offered. Just anything else we can help you with.

Well played Cox, Well Played. 

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    and don't get me started on the $50 deposit. So $70 total.....better to just buy a modem and put that $70 towards it!!

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      I wish more ISP's would come to my area but COX is the monopoly rn so nothing I can do at the moment.