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9 months ago

2 factor athentication

A while back I was having trouble with Cox's two factor. I thought I had learned how to live with it. Now since the new email evrey time I try to check my email on my iPad it has to send code to phone to log in. It can be same day within 15 min of the last time I had to go to my ohone to get code. Phone and IMAC work fine just the iPad. 

There was a person who showed a link on how to turn off 2 factor for Cox, could you please re link it here.

 Every time I do what Cox says to do to turn it off all I get is option's on how verification code is sent.



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  • Hi, Glenee.


    There are 2 ways you can manage Two-Step Verification. The first is in the Cox App on the Account Tab under Password and Security. 

    The other way is to log in to your Account page on 
    From the My Account page, click the arrow on the Account section. 
    From the My Profile page, under Password, Security & Privacy, click Two-step verification. Here you can manage TSV.

    To deactivate:
    From the Two-step verification window, select the verification method to disable and then click Deactivate.
    From the Deactivate pop-up window, click Submit to confirm unenrollment.

    It's important to note that some accounts require Two-Step Verification. If Two-Step Verification is required TSV cannot be deactivated.

    If you need additional support with Two-Step Verification, please email with your full name, complete street address and details of your concern.



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      Hi Colleen,

      Thanks for your speedy reply. What would be the some accounts that require Two -Step and what is the requirment when it has to be ?

      I am getting awfully tired of it.


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      Great question, Glen, 

      The two-step verification is required for accounts that have been previously compromised and for customers with our Cox Mobile service. I understand the frustration around the TSV, but I also have come to appreciate the security around it for my own personal accounts.

      Thank you for reaching out if you have any additional questions, please email us for personalized support at