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2 years ago

2 1/2 hrs with support can't get GuestWifi to show on UI

Over an hour on chat, uselss. just trying to enable Guest Wifi on my Panoramic router. no luck with hard wire connection - menu option doesn't appear. He kepts saying to use the Cox Panoramic wifi app -- again useless, no option to configure guest wifi.

Called support spoke to Melissa and after an hour she got a guest wifi SSID to appear on my home system, but no way for ME to control it -- I couldn't enable, disable or change password as there was no UI for it on any page she sent me to.

I've seen a post from 3 years ago saying Cox eliminated Guest wifi, but none of the cox support agents seemed to know anything about that.  I suspect that's true and they just don't offer the service, but it's a big deal for me -- I NEED guest wifi -- setting up a "profile" as some posts seemed to suggest just don't do it.

So my next step is to get an old router, hook it up to the ethernet port on the Panoramic wifi router use it as a bridge and let guests in the house connect to that and then when I don't want it operationally, just physically unplug it.

Any comments on this?

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    Panoramic used to feature a Guest Network but as of 3 years ago, a moderator confirmed Cox had removed its Guest Network.

    I think what Melissa had done for you was to configure your Panoramic to broadcast as a Cox Hotspot.  If the SSID of the "guest" network is CableWiFi or CoxWiFi, your Panoramic is now broadcasting as a Cox Hotspot.

    See Becky's comment at the following post:

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    If you NEED guest WiFi and the Panoramic doesn't support guest WiFi, why rent the Panoramic?

    The second router would need its own SSID and encryption key (password)...because you don't want guests knowing your Panoramic well as to assign IP addresses to your guests' devices.

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    The pano modem no longer has a guest wifi channel on it.