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3 years ago

Panoramic WiFi App Upgrade Error

I have a Panoramic Gateway, when I try to login to the Panoramic WiFi App or web portal I receive a message stating that I need to upgrade for access. We recently moved out service to a new address, at the previous address I was able to access the app and features with this same gateway, ever since we moved I can't. There is no reason I shouldn't have access. I have tried for months to get this resolved. I need access immediately. My data usage has suddenly tripled and I need to know why. I don't understand why no one can fix this or help me.

Yes I am using the primary login. Several people have verified that I am and that I have the right gateway. No one can figure out why or even try something to fix it. 
It’s always the same conversation. Right user I’d? Right equipment? Are you sure you could access it before? Have you tried the web portal? Then they tell me that it’s extremely unusual, rare or doesn’t make sense and that I will have to talk to someone else. 

Does anyone have any ideas?? 

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    upgrade for access

    I love informative message containing no information.  Upgrade what...the app, my device, the gateway, my Internet provider?

    By writing "conversation," I presume you called Cox.  Don't call Cox because it'll be a high probability you'll get a moron.  Some reps are very good but getting a good rep is hit or miss.

    What you could do is send an email to with the following:
     - URL of This Post
     - Full Name
     - Complete Address

    I'll assume somebody incorrectly entered your "new" service.