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5 years ago

Contour app

The last few days the contour app will not play channels 53,54,55,56 or 57. I'm in Fairfax County Va. I've tried on my laptop, tablet and brand new Android cell phone. I've even uninstalled the app and reinstalled it. I've rebooted the modem and router several times. I chatted with Cox and they said there was a problem with the app but didn't know when it would be fixed. Oh.... I've tried multiple other channels and they stream perfectly fine. Any idea as to when this will be fixed ? Thanks.

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    Hello, that is very frustrating especially when your show is on those channels. Are those channels without video and audio or just out of the video or just our of audio?

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      Sorry, got tied up yesterday. The App let's me pick the show that's airing but it just shows that it's buffering with a black screen. No video or sound. Today it's still not working on Masn on 53 and ESPN on 56. Channel 57 started working today. 

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        Hi Flattop, we apologize about these issues, and this has been escalated to our Engineering Team that handles content related to the Contour App. When we receive additional information regarding the escalation, we will gladly follow up with you. -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator
  • Hi Everyone, our video engineering team believes they have the Contour App audio issues resolved. If you use, please delete your browser cache and cookies, close the browser completely, reopen the browser, and launch If you use the Contour App on a mobile device, uninstall the Contour App from your device and then reinstall it. Please let us know if you have any further audio issues. - Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator

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      I cleared all site data and closed the browser.  When I signed back into Contour with Chrome, I still had a channel with no audio when SAP is OFF and and another channel with Spanish audio when SAP is OFF.  Toggling SAP ON resulted in Englsh for both channels.  It appears there are still some audio issue.

      Until recently the channel with no audio with SAP OFF had English audio.  That is an entirely new issue.  The channel that now has Spanish audio with SAP OFF had no audio with SAP OFF before, but English with SAP ON.  So, for that channel, no audio with SAP OFF was replaced with Spanish.

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        Hi CurtB. Thanks for that information. Do you have a mobile device that you can use to check the Contour App with to see if the same thing happens and Please verify the channels that this is happening on in order to get this escalated? Thanks, Lisa- Cox Support Forums Moderator
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      Becky... At Last....I tried the site from my PC for the few channels I had experienced the problem...2 CBS, 7ABC and a few others.  The sound Works without using the SAP slider.  I also tried on an IPAD (since this platform had a different SAP...mainly no English as a SAP Language....why so different...Crazy!!).  The IPAD Contour App also works for the sound on the same previously broken stations.  Fantastic for those that have been having sound problems on selected stations.

      Now, for all of us that spent hours trying to either play, debug or participate in the many forum discussions...Give us a simple technical breakdown of what went wrong and what was the fix.  I'm assuming that the software push was done to all markets, platform Apps, and the watchtv for all the possible Browsers.  You're going to disappoint the CurtB and others that spent time poking around.

      I did not have to reload the IPAD App or do anything to the Mozilla Browswer.  Edge and Chrome still requires Flash enable.  IPAD still does not have English for SAP

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      I thought this issue was put to bed, however, after reading CurtB comments, I gave it another try.  Now, CBS/2 has SAP ON with sound, but when you turn off, sound disappears.  COX video people may be doing a channel search first, then setting the SAP to On as your default.  The questions begs as to why was it off in the first place.  My ABC/7 seems to be now working with the default, and did not 2 days ago.

      I'm still waiting for a simple explanation as to what the 'fix might have been.  I'm sort of giving up checking this thing out, mainly be cause I do not use the web interface or App, except to chime into forum questions.

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        Ekhawaii, We're still working on your open ticket to address the SAP issues you're seeing. We'll reach back out to you as updates are available.

        -ColleenD, Cox Support Forums Moderator