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8 months ago

cannot configure my cox email with outlook

Hello, i recently did a password change.  ever since my email address in outlook says "please check the outgoing (SMTP) server settings and try again.


my settings for smtp are  port = 465  and i tried 587

encryption method = ssl/tls


i tried a reboot of pc, no go.


it always asks for the password for, and i enter the new password, and it doesn't work.


almost like outlook has retained or is using old password.


Cox tech support says it is a windows/outlook issue.


Can someone help ?






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    It's actually a bug in outlook, it's not updating the configuration file properly. If your using IMAP, go ahead and simply delete the email account from outlook, close outlook, reboot the computer, open outlook, and add the account back as new, and it should work after that. 

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      Yes i can, when i create a new account in outlook it always asks for the password for the outgoing server, which i enter(the new password), its like there's an outlook config file that needs clearing or resetting ?


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        Hi, there. I might suggest checking the username field for your SMTP server settings. If your username has the suffix (, remove it and just use t he email prefix. Let me know if this helps. 

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      Say's who or since when? According to here it is "free forever" but allows for donation to "make it better". See here for the FAQ. I just downloaded and installed it on my PC a couple months ago for my Gmail account.

  • i managed to get a free download of Thunderbird, tried it and get message 

    "unable to login to server, probably wrong configuration, username or password"


    so is this a cox issue, certainly appears so ?

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        Yes, continually fails, asking for smtp password.  I'm beyond frustrated with tech support. 

        Hopefully i can get someone who cares and can help.