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Multiple support chats, works on one box not on the other, 

Error Code: APPS-04036

Spoke with Paramount, they claim it's a box specific issue.  Cox doesn't seem to want to do anything but kick the can down the road.  Other notes suggest it's an issue specific to the Xfinity box Cox licenses.  

I really don't care who's problem it is, but I send the biggest check every month to Cox, so it can be their problem one way or another.

  • We are having the same issue with our Paramount Plus on our Cox Cable box.  We just got this new box less than a year ago, because we had the cloud box and the TV kept going black every few minutes while trying to watch TV or streaming, so we got ride of the new box and got the old type of Contour box back.  So this should not be happening and I am not willing to switch boxes again less than a year after a getting a new one.  Cox needs to get this fixed.  We spend way to much money on Cable for this to be happening.

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