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TV Guide Programming Issues

This has been an ongoing issues for 2-3 yrs. Most recently happening worse. Not only 1 show is wrong. Now the entire lineup for day on E Channel was wrong last night and I took pictures for proof. Few weeks ago TLC was all wrong. When this happens I cant DVR. I DVR all shows as I dont have time to sit thru commercials. I have reported these issues Several times. I am not the only person with this issue. Cox charges too much to have this keep happening. I would like answers and resolution immediately 

  • Networks and stations provide television guide data to a Television Guide Service.  Cox gets guide data from one of them.  Most cable companies in North America use Gracenote.  Cox may also get guide data directly from stations that is then entered into the Guide by someone at Cox.

    Schedule changes take 48-72 hours to be updated in the Guide.

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