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Another Cold Front, another outage

He we are with another cold and windy night and the cable is on the fritz again.  We have had this issue throughout this winter with several visits from technicians who advise us that they are escalating the issue as it is a neighborhood system issue.  The issue gets resolved ... until the next front moves in.  The odd thing is that we are able to get a few out of the 200 channels to work.  But most we receive the message "Please try again"  XRE 03059.  Why can't Cox get reliable equipment for areas of the country that experience winter winds and cold (which I would estimate is at least 50% of the country!)???!!!!  The frustration is compounded when I log into my account and receive the message that "we don't see any outages on our end".  Well clearly you are missing something when there is an impact to the cable service that is not merely associated with my household's connections per the Cox Technicians that have been out to my house multiple times this winter!

  • Hello Pawnee76,

    I am very sorry to hear that you experience trouble with your channels and receive that error when a cold front moves through. I imagine that would be very frustrating to you and your household. It does sound like something is going on that needs to be investigated. When you have an opportunity, can you email my team at with your name, address, and a link to this thread?

    Tiffany R.
    Cox Support Forum Moderator
  • My guess is a problem at your drop, or where the line connects to the pole in the street. Thermal dynamics shrinks the coaxial, pulling it from it's coupler. Make sure when a technician comes out, that they bring a bucket or ladder truck to climb the pole.