Remote Hangs Up

I have successfully paired my Cox remote to my Sony (non-smart) TV - everything works including, changes, volume, guide, input, etc.; however, when I try to use the voice control, it comes up with a screen that says I have to pair the remote.  Okay - easy enough.  I get to the screen where it tells me to enter the code and I do but then it freezes. I push the "OK" button but nothing happens.  I press "exit" and a screen comes up that asks me if I want to skip pairing, which is the only thing I can do .. so the voice control still does not work.  I've tried unpairing the remote and then repairing ... nothing seems to change. 

I have 2 other boxes in the house - when I am trying to pair the one I'm working on, sometimes the code pops up on the other TV as well.  I did unpair the remote from that other tv, but then it happens again.  Any suggestions?