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Error Code XRE-03136

It started with the Contour DVR box getting stuck in a boot loop.  Spent 5 hours on the phone with Cox support where the box was hit with signals multiple times, I unplugged the power source for 30 seconds, 2 minutes, 10 minutes, unplugged the power source and unattached the DVR cable and the coax cable and then reattached in a specific order. 

All to no avail.  Said that a technician would have to come out and it might cost $100 if it wasn't Cox's equipment causing the problem. 

I researched forums and the internet and tried those fixes too.

Now, I can get to the guide, but when you select a channel it takes a long time to load and then states, "This channel is temporarily unavailable. Please wait while the channel reloads. Try Again or Cancel.  Code XRE-03136"

This has been going on for 2 weeks!!!

What is going on?

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  • That sounds like a significant signal issue.  A DVR won't boot without an adequate signal.  Commands entered with your remote require communication with a Cox server and a response back.  A weak signal will delay the response time and can also cause channels to be unavailable.

    Schedule a tech visit to check your signal strength.  If your cable comes in from a pole, be sure to ask for a tech with a long ladder when scheduling the appointment.  Request the tech check your signal strength at the tap.  Your issue could be caused by a weak main line signal that woud require it to be escalated to line technicians for repairs.  Cox won't schedule that escalation unless the on-site tech reports a signal issue at the tap.  If your issue is caused by a weak signal or a problem with any other Cox equipment, you won't be charged for tech visits.