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Contour showed final football score while I was watching the recording.

In order to skip through the commercials I record the football games and 1 hour after the game has started I start watching the recording. I have been watching the NFL games this way for many years. Today, Sunday 9/26/21 during the Chargers-Chiefs game playback, almost 15-20 minutes or so before the recording ended a display popped up and said "the game is over" and displayed the final score before before I had finished watching the recording. This definitely ruined it for me. This has never happened before. Did something change in the Contour settings? I went to notifications and turned off the Sport notification. Not sure if that was the issue or not but if Contour continues to show the final score before the recoding is over then whats the point of recoding the game?

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  • I'm sure the Sport Notification component of Contour relies on the Internet.  Somebody somewhere updates a database and the update is either pushed or pulled to Contour, but the timing of this update shouldn't be anywhere close to the broadcast of a game.

    If Contour is ahead of the game, either the network, the circuitry or the provider is delaying the broadcast.

    Would there have been a reason to delay the broadcast of this game 15-20 minutes?

    Even if the broadcast is delayed by 30-60 seconds, Contour would probably still beat it so it might be worthwhile to disable notifications.

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