Connect Contour 2 Box to Samsung TV and Bose Solo 5 Sound Bar

Hi...I just swapped out to the new Contour 2 with Voice Remote (previously had the basic Contour box).  Unable to connect the new Contour 2 box with my Bose Solo 5 Sound Bar.  For reference, I have the following devices that I want to use together:

Samsung TV (2013)

Bose Solo 5 Sound Bar

Cox Contour 2 box with Voice Remote

Fire TV Lite Stick

The old Contour basic box allowed me to connect my Solo 5 to the tv and the box using optical cable.  There isn't a place on the new Contour 2 to do that.  Can't figure out how to connect the Bose soundbar to the new Contour 2.

In the end, I want to be able to watch TV via Contour 2 and use my Bose Solo 5 sound bar.  I've recently added Fire TV Lite to HDMI2 on the TV but can't figure how to add that to the sound bar as well.

Can anyone please help me?!!  I've spent so many hours trying to figure this out, and a cousin that has been trying to help me (remotely) has even ordered several different cables trying to help, but none of them work (optical & otherwise).  I HATE the tinny sound from the TV (and also the Fire TV stick).  Loved listening to programs, movies, concerts with the Bose Solo 5 sound bar...I really want it back!  HELP??  HELP??

Thank you!

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