Cox Tulsa - all channels except local have disappeared on my Silicon dust HD Homerun,

 I am NOT attempting to record things, just to watch TV on my PC using the HD Homerun viewing app, something which worked fine until Cox started the upgrade from MPEG 2 the the new format .  I've read some posts stating that Cox has set a DRM "no record" flag on everything but local channels,  but the HD home run software is supposed to be DRM compliant, and should not ha a problem with watching, as opposed to recording, TV .  I contacted Cox, who gave me the usual "nothing wrong at this end" speech.  

Anyone have any ideas?

This is about this last straw with COX  for me. Everything was working fine, and they go and mess it up, and  deny having done so. .   I have two PCs I occasionally use to watch TV .   My Cox bill is already over $300 a month, and I am not going to pay them $20 a more or two more boxes..

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