Contour 2 mini box having to be reset too often after no signal message

I have had Contour 2 since earlier this year.  In the initial installation we kept having to reboot the mini box on the 2nd tv to get a tv signal.  After a few weeks the mini box did fine.  Last week the mini box failed and a reset would not work.  Replaced the mini box from the Cox store and the new box requires rebooting almost every time afte the tv is cut off.  Had the software updated by a tech person during a chat session which did not solve the problem.  Still getting the no signal message.  I have rebooted the router, the main Contour Box, checked all connections to ensure correct installation, and still get no signal.  Cox is sending a tech rep to the house this week so we will see what they can do.  Maybe just another faulty box.