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15 second or 30 second fast-forward button

.15 second or 30 second fast-forward button

 It is hard to believe that with sophistication like a voice remote control there is no way you can fast forward a DVR show 15 seconds or 30 seconds. Seems to me like Cox sold out to some commercial media companies or a conglomeration of them to make sure we have to watch commercials even as we fast forward through them.  Because fast forwarding is the only way we can get through 4or5 minutes worth of commercials when you're trying to watch a show.

This was not done by accident it's done on purpose !!!

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  • This modification is so great...I had to tape both Football games on Sat and viewed them a few hours into their broadcast.  Using the 30sec PgUp and 15sec PgDn allowed me to skip around the commercials and even re-play scenes I wanted to review.  For Live games, I'm now able to PgDn and at least go backwards at 15sec intervals....Real happy! 

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