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I am having issues with wireless and my TV

I have the panoramic wi-fi, the tv receiver is just a few feet away from the router, but frequently the tv will freeze, sometimes the signal will drop completely then come back, when I use an Ethernet cable it is fine but I do not have an Ethernet port on that wall, the wireless signal is very weak, 1 bar on my tablet when I am 6 feet away, I get better wireless signal from a 10 year old router I own.  I really want to see about getting different equipment, but will the home life stuff still work? if not will it connect to a wireless router that I already have? 

I really just want an old school box/DVR that uses coax, I have a wireless router that is fine, and I have a cox modem, that I own that is only a few years old

Please help

  • Is your TV receiver the Wireless 4K Contour Stream Player?  If so, it requires the Panoramic WiFi modem.  If you have an operable coaxial-outlet nearby, exchange your receiver for an "old school" box.

    I'm no expert on Panoramic, but I've read it's awful in this Forum.  Stop the rental fees and buy your own router.  If you subscribe to Cox Voice, Cox can freely issue a combo Voice-Web (eMTA-DOCSIS) modem.  All equipment for telephone service must be freely issued and I don't know if Cox still has those standalone eMTA.  Most issues are combo boxes (eMTA-DOCSIS).

    After getting your "old school" cable-box and modem(s), you'd then need a wireless router.  You can ask for recommendations on this post.

    After getting your personal wireless router, you'd need a Homelife Router for your Homelife system.  Cox would issue the Homelife Router and you'd connect it to one of the LAN ports on your personal router.

    More info about Homelife:

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