Channel Request: Newsmax & One America News (OAN)

This is a request for both the channels above to be added to the COX channel line-up. I see requests dating back years for OAN to be added, but it appears COX has been ignoring these requests. Needs to be noted that other providers are making these available: Newsmax - Xfinity, DirecTV, U-Verse, DISH, FiOS, Spectrum etc. ; OAN - DirecTV, U-Verse, FiOS, PRISM. Disappointing that COX is lagging behind all the major carriers. 

COX, kindly add the channel(s) and be competitive.

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  • I would love to have a Cox bundle, but until they get One American News there's no way I can leave Directv. The Cox bundle would save me money but the wife just says no, not until they get One American News Network. I and others have been working on Cox for 3 years no success. It's always the same answer they put in a request.

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