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How to browse all Series schedule and delete some?

I am new to Contour 2.

With the older "dinosaur" DVR boxes, I could navigate to all the series scheduled, and remove some.

With the Contour 2, I can't seem to browse them all and remove some from the list.  I think I have to see if it's upcoming in my schedule and I guess delete and cancel all them there?

I see that I can set the priority for them (/Saved/Scheduled/Series Priority/), but can't remove some that I no longer want to subscribe to DVR -- or more like clear some wrong shows that I set to record during my early days with the new Contour 2 box.

Is there another way, like the old way, I wonder?

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    I figured it out.  I can delete them from that list under Series Priority, but simply selecting one and then press the D button on the remote control.  I forgot that the D button will serve as delete function.

    Problem solved!

    P.S. there should be some kind of hint in that list that the user can remove a series by pressing D button. ;)

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