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Outage currently in my area - Why am I not able to view recordings on the DVR

This happens everytime theres an outage. The recordings are stored on the DVR hard drive. Why can't I watch them during an outage. I was just told via cox support chat that the DVR's sometimes "burn out" during an outage but this happens every time.

I get the error "This channel isnt currently available. Please try tuning away from this channel for a few seconds then tune back to it".

This never used to happen on the older DVR's. I'm guessing to play recordings on the new DVR that even though the show is on the DVR hard drive that the DVR has to communicate to "THE CLOUD" or some **????

  • It would be nice to be able to watch recordings on the DVR when there is an outage, but it doesn't work.  It would help mitigate the fact that Cox is having an outage if we could at least watch recorded programs while the cable is out.

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