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Why can't I filter my guide to only show channels included in my subscription?

I would really like to find a way to do this, would make browsing the guide a lot less cluttered and easier to navigate. 

Is this possible? And please don't tell me just to set it to my favorites...the thing is that I don't even know what all channels I get, it's pretty hit-and-miss, hence the need for a "Show All Subscribed" view like I used to have with Dish Network. 

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  • Hi RG1981,

    Thanks for reaching out to us through Cox Forums. You can filter your guide to show the channels that you subscribe to, however, there isn’t an automatic setting to do so. The channels would need to be manually filtered. The TV package and channels that you subscribe to is available on your Cox statement every month. The link provided will assist with the channel lineup for your area.

    Pressing the Cox button on the remote will take you to the MENU. Arrow down until you get to SETTINGS, then select CHANNELS. You have the option to SET FAVORITE CHANNELS or SET SKIPPED CHANNELS.

    Maria L.
    Cox Support Forum Moderator
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