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Live pd

Why is Live PD delayed? It doesn’t make sense to delay a show that is suppose to be LIVE. Watching live and following along on Twitter is part of the experience. I switched from DirecTV not long ago and this is one of the many things that really disappoints me. On DirecTV, Live PD is actually LIVE.  What’s the deal? Any chance Cox will get their act straight and start showing LIVE shows live?

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  • Live PD is not "actually" or "truly" live.  A&E could not live-broadcast a dead body, someone exposing them self, using an x-word, an undercover agent or a child's face.  It's live footage from the field but transmitted to the A&E studio and recorded, edited and delayed from a few minutes to several hours.

    For example, Dan Abrams said, "Let's go live to Calvert County..." where the footage was late afternoon; however, as I was watching it "live" on TV, it was dark in Maryland.  I don't recall watching any nighttime footage from Salinas, CA

    If you were watching on DirecTV in Arizona, you were watching an east-coast feed.  It's similar to the east coast watching an NFL game at 1 PM and you at 10 AM.  Since switching to Cox, you're now watching a 3-hour delayed west-coast feed from the A&E studio to your west-coast headend of Cox.  A&E wants us to watch Live PD during our respective broadcast primetimes.  What we watch live during our primetime is nowhere within your primetime.