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Is there a way to save recorded programs if I have to change out my Contour 2 box?

My Contour 2 box hard drive is humming rather loudly, which cannot be a good sign.  If it needs to be swapped for a new one, is there any way to save all the recorded programs?

  • In short; no.

    I think the box bonds to a specific hard drive(HD) by the HD's serial number or some other identifier. It is also encrypted, so even if you could take the HD out, there is no way to copy it. That said, you could make a analog copy using a video output from the box to a external recorder, but that would need to be done in real time. The old Contour had eSATA, so you could use your own HD, but even then, the drives are configured in RAID, so if you change boxes, you have to reformat the drive.

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