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  • And what's to stop people from asking superfluous questions?

    Heck, I feel bad even trying to answer so many questions. Im on here so much because I recently lost my job so I am online a lot putting in resumes and stuff. What I notice though is if a thread has one person helping, other people are less likly to join in. Not only does this hurt the user posting, limiting the amount of posts, but it puts pressure on the helper, because if they can't help, the user has to start all over again with someone else. I predict this could cause people to keep recreating the thread to get new input. I see this a lot on Reddit, with people copy/pasting the same post to multiple threads. This gets them more hits, and more karma. 

    The main thing I would love to see here is a PM system, but one you can disable if you want to. I think that would help users communicate directly with each other, and not make this place feel so sterile. 

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